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Pickleball Courts

Play One of the Fastest Growing Sports in America – Anywhere!

The fast-paced game of pickleball – which looks like table tennis, if the players were shrunk down to foosball size – is quickly growing in popularity across the country. But modular surfaces have traditionally underserved pickleball players, because they were just too slick to let a plastic ball bounce consistently.

Those days are over. Our game-changing PickleGrip material is developed specifically for a lightweight plastic ball to bounce perfectly across, so players can put their full skill on display during frantic games of one-on-one and two-on-two. Better yet, PickleGrip always gives players ideal shoe traction in dry and damp conditions alike!

Revolution PS: The Only Modular Surface Developed Specifically for Pickleball

Our multi-patented Revolution PS includes more than just the innovative PickleGrip surface. This pre-painted and completely modular system will turn any paved surface into a temporary or permanent pickleball court in mere hours. The Revolution PS’s self-draining design will keep players dry, and its optional ShockTower substrate offers even greater protection against fatigue and injury. Better yet, the Revolution PS is also perfect for a wide range of other sports, too!

Classic XL: A Time-Honored Look for Your Pickleball Court

Looking for a more traditional aesthetic for your indoor pickleball court? Then you’ll love our Classic XL with the optional maple surface, which looks just like the courts of basketball stardom. The hard-wearing, moisture resistant and low-maintenance Classic XL installs quickly over any concrete surface, where it will provide years of safe and comfortable use for a wide range of athletic activities – pickleball included!

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