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Tennis Courts

The Great Sport of Tennis, Wherever You Want It

Do you want to play tennis like the pros – without the inconvenience of maintaining a clay or grass court? Tri-State SnapSports offers the perfect surface for tennis, as well as other racket sports including badminton, squash and pickleball!

Our modular tennis courts are designed to install quickly and easily, and require no more preparation than a flat floor or concrete surface. A SnapSports tennis court stands up to years of heavy wear, provides excellent traction in damp and dry conditions alike, complements any recreational area thanks to its wide range of available colors, and is always American-made.

Our indoor and outdoor tennis courts are available with a range of different court line styles, nets and ball containment features, so you will have total control over the way you play!

Outdoor Revolution PS

The Outdoor Revolution PS offers the perfect way to play without painstaking prep work, and can easily withstand 15 years of heavy usage. This self-draining tennis court surface offers superior traction to prevent errors and injury. Its optional ShockTower substrate virtually eliminates fatigue!


This UV stable all-weather athletic surface installs in as little as 48 hours, and requires only minimal annual maintenance thanks to its self-draining design. Vertical and lateral shock absorption keeps players’ ankles from feeling the stress of high-impact racket sports!


The ideal athletic surface for nearly any sport, the Revolution’s suspended surface cushions players against shock while dampening noise thanks to its patented ShockLock system and 2mm acoustic mat. The Revolution is unaffected by atmospheric moisture and humidity, and it becomes even more resilient with our optional TuffShield coating.

Classic XL

Enjoy an authentic maple look, or select from over 20 vibrant colors when you install our Classic XL surface! This durable athletic floor’s solid top design is just as good for tennis as it is basketball, futsal, volleyball and more, and with the optional shock response layer and ShockTower substrate it becomes surprisingly gentle on feet and ankles.

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