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Volleyball Courts

Tri-State SnapSports Serves Volleyball Players

Do you like having your friends and family over for a casual game of volleyball? Or does your athletic center frequently welcome setters, hitters and blockers who engage in serious fast-paced play? Tri-State SnapSports’ American-made volleyball court surfaces are perfect no matter your players’ skill level!

Our hard-wearing volleyball courts are ideal for both indoor and outdoor athletic spaces. Available in over 20 attractive colors and with a wide range of court line styles, these surfaces help volleyball players play harder, longer and faster thanks to their superior shock absorption and grip. And when you add our optional adjustable net system, you can quickly convert your volleyball court for tennis, pickleball and any other racket sport!

Outdoor Revolution

Tri-State SnapSports’ most innovative outdoor volleyball court modular surface to date, the Outdoor Revolution features Performance Integrated Traction Surface (PITS) for superior all-weather traction and impressively consistent ball bounce. The Outdoor Revolution’s state-of-the-art Court Tensioning System (CTS) limits lateral movement to a mere 1/16″!


A versatile solution to all your outdoor sport needs, the DuraCourt self-drains just as efficiently as the Outdoor Revolution and cushions against vertical and lateral shock for unparalleled player safety and comfort. This affordably priced, high-traction surface installs in as few as 48 hours!


Enjoy the timeless aesthetics of traditional maple – with all the added comfort of SnapSports’ cutting-edge impact absorption technology. With no adhesives or anchoring required, the Revolution quickly brings any indoor volleyball court to completion.

Classic XL

The Classic XL offers the timeless look of real maple or brilliant solid colors, and with our optional shock response layer and proprietary ShockTower substrate it becomes the lowest-impact volleyball court surface the market has to offer. The Classic XL’s resistance to moisture, stress and damage will noticeably reduce your lifetime maintenance costs!

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